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Retailers and Craft Makers

Contact us to find out more about our ability to provide you with retail items and also ingredients to make your craft products sing!



We make exceptional bean to bar chocolate & confections that will attract customers with beautiful packaging and keep them coming back with amazing flavors. We ship worldwide and guarantee our products will arrive in 100% perfect condition regardless of the weather (we are kind of nerds about shipping...) Contact us to find out more about retailing any of our products in your store or location!


Restaurants & Chocolatiers

Our bean to bar chocolate is made from beans sourced from premium cacao growing regions in Central and South America. Contact us to find out about using our bulk 66% signature blend in your desserts or confections. Or choose one of our single origin chocolates at a higher percentage to create something truly unforgettable! We can supply bulk bars & chips.


Breweries and Distilleries

If you are looking for the perfect ingredient to add to your next batch, we have the perfect thing for you! We produce bulk nibs for brewing porters and stouts. We have also worked with distilleries to make amaro and other unique liquors. We can provide a straight-forward chocolate flavor or something more subtle and nuanced from one of our origins. We promise we will make something together that will stand out!


Craft Food Makers

We love to partner with other craft food makers. If you make tea, we can provide nibs and shells for a light chocolate flavor. If you make granola or energy bars, we can provide artisan chocolate that is made with no emulsifiers and no artificial ingredients. 

Contact us to let us know about the food product you are making and we'll help you stand out with our bean to bar chocolate!


Co-packing & Private Label

We work with other companies and entrepreneurs who don't have the capacity or background to produce bean to bar chocolates and confections. We produce private label and co-packed products using chocolate and other ingredients. Contact us to talk through your idea. We can help with packaging, production and shipping & logistics.