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Help us bring great food to the world! We were the first small batch bean to bar company in Illinois and we're ready to take the next step!

We want to take over and renovate an old, vacant 10,000 square foot building on the Woodstock Square to do more than we ever have before! 

We've already proven our chops with recent mentions in Martha StewartMen's Journal and also a 5 Star Award from the International Chocolate Salon for being one of the best chocolatiers in America. It just shows we can do some pretty awesome things here in the Midwest.

Through our Kickstarter, you'll have an opportunity to participate in this exciting project and get some really great rewards in the process.

Here are the deets on what we want to create with your help—

  • Incubator Kitchen - rentable, dedicated commercial kitchen space for any food entrepreneur to create the next great craft food.
  • Community Nights - Poetry nights, knitting nights, art gallery openings, movie screenings, local musicians, swing dancing, and a lot of other cool things! This will be a space to share passions for arts, crafts, music and literature.
  • Speakeasy - An awesome 1920s throwback bar with period music and furniture (In a secret basement room. Don't worry, we'll give you the password if you back us.)
  • New Cafe - Our cafe will change and expand. We'll have more food and we'll make more great connections with the community to bring in more farm to table ingredients!
  • Event Room - Looking for a great space for your next party, business meeting or celebration? How about with some chocolate too? (hint hint)
  • More Pairings, Flights & Secret Food Occasions - We'll have more room to host new events and we also have some special (secret) ideas up our sleeves.
  • And More Chocolate! - We want to expand our chocolate production and get equipment to be able to sell to more places across the world!

We've grown a lot in the past 7 years but we have a lot more to do. Our business has brought a lot of creative passion to our community and to the partners we have all over the world. Help us take the next step! 

We need your help to make this a reality!

Click here to back us!

- Michael, Mary and Sara