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New Space News!

The stars are aligned, the fences are up and the bricks are coming down!


It's taken a long time to get to this point, and we are very thankful we've finally gotten here. The last hangups were with final approval from the bank to complete financing (2 months of waiting and many, many presentations!) and completing all of the permitting required. We still have some layout work to do based on some feedback from the Fire Marshall, but it's nothing that's going to hold us up from going full steam ahead!


Thank you everyone immensely for your patience and support. It's been busy, busy getting ready for Christmas and also keeping up with everything required to open a new space (who knew you needed 14" deep sinks?)


We need a few weeks to get a better sense of the schedule for moving and opening, but look for us around the time the Farmer's Market opens for spring on the square in May.


Before we know it this is what our space will look like. Can’t wait to see you there!

140cass street exterior color rendering-streetscape2a.jpg

In the mean time, come see us over at Benton Street for a drink or a coffee. We won’t be there much longer!