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Irish Cream Whiskey Coffee Chocolate Bar

Together with Death Wish, we created an Irish Cream Barrel Brand Whiskey Coffee Chocolate Bar. Our signature dark chocolate bars, made with Death Wish coffee, are topped with cocoa nibs soaked in whiskey and crushed Irish Cream coffee. Each bar is 64% cacao. 🍀 We have some in the shop, or you can order them online directly from Death Wish. Click here to read more about our collaboration!

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Five Threads Brewery + Ethereal

Five Threads Brewing Company in California is using our cocoa nibs in two wonderfully delicious brews this season. Reading through the descriptions below we bet it is a difficult choice for locals to make!


Coconut Pantry Porter - Chocolate Coconut Porter 

"Like the original Pantry Porter, this brew is smooth, rich and roasty with dominant dark chocolate and coffee character from our blend of five different roasted malts. We've created a whole new flavor experience by adding toasted coconut and fresh roasted cocoa nibs from Equador. Pucker up 'cuz this beer's gonna give you a big fat coconut kiss!"


3rd Anniversary Edition Cherenkov - Russian Imperial Stout Bourbon Barrel Aged (One Year)

"The Cherenkov Effect is a blue glow created when radiation travels through water and is named after the Russian physicist that made the discovery. Head Thread, Tim Kazules, made this Russian Imperial Stout at the request of his former Amgen group (that used radiation in their work), "Research Imaging Sciences." This Three Year Anniversary edition of the Cherenkov Stout was aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels with cocoa nibs and vanilla beans giving smooth notes of decadent chocolate and dark roast."

Scorched Earth Brewery + Ethereal

Head over to Scorched Earth Brewing Co to try their limited edition Jolly Old Scrooge Chocolate Candy Cane holiday variant, made with our cocoa nibs!  


Inspired by the Charles Dickens' holiday classic, Jolly Old Scrooge is an English style Barleywine. Each Friday during the month of December, Scorched Earth is releasing a new, limited (draft only) holiday variant of Jolly Old Scrooge. This is the Jolly Old Scrooge Chocolate Candy Cane holiday variant. The beer's aroma sings with peppermint candy cane, dark caramel, toffee, and chocolate notes. It's flavor remains deeply malty, while presenting refreshingly bright peppermint notes and layers of dark chocolate flavors thanks to Ethereal Confections' Guatemalan cocoa nibs. This delicious holiday treat will only be available for a short time so swing by today! 

Epic Deli + Ethereal

Our S'mores Shake is back on EPIC DELI's menu! Head over to there to try it quick, it's available this week only. A mix of vanilla ice cream, our 66% dark chocolate blend chocolate chips, graham crackers, and marshmallow creme, topped with whipped cream, a chocolate drizzle, marshmallows, and graham cracker crumbs!

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Death Wish + Ethereal Chocolate Bars

Here they are! Our partnership with Death Wish Coffee Company solidified in solid chocolate! We have a limited supply to sell (in store only), or you can purchase directly from Death Wish. A special blend of our chocolate and Death Wish coffee, these caffeinated bars are topped with cocoa nibs and crushed whole bean coffee and imprinted with the signature skull and crossbones. Extreme deliciousness.

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Wolf's Ridge Brewing + Ethereal

Wolf's Ridge Brewing in Columbus, Ohio has served up not one, not two, but three special release brews using our chocolate! The most recent release was an Imperial Stout named "Dire Wolf Coffee Joy", infused with our nibs, vanilla bean, toasted coconut, and local coffee. On a more limited release, "Bourbon Barrel Salted Chocolate Dire Wolf," was a stout aged in local whiskey barrels and infused with our nibs and sea salt. For Halloween, they even released a beer-themed after an Almond Joy candy bar called "All Treats." This one was a milk stout using our nibs, coconut, vanilla, and almonds. Are you planning a trip to Ohio now? We are.