Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Class

We were the first bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Illinois, and one of the first 20 to 30 in the United States. Equipment for making chocolate on a smaller scale didn't exist then, we had to blaze our own trail. We built our own winnower, repurposed Indian lentil grinders as our main grinders, and used an old bread proofer to keep chocolate liquid. We made it happen because it's our passion. We love the process of making chocolate from scratch and want to share it with the world! 


That's why we offer bean-to-bar chocolate classes. We start from the beginning and talk about how cacao is grown, fermented and dried at the farm before being exported. 


We go through the process of sorting, roasting, winnowing, and grinding beans to make chocolate. 


We discuss different chocolate origins and flavors and taste each side by side. 


The best part, everyone leaves the class with all their confections!


Our next class in June 9th, click here to purchase tickets!

Kari Firak