Bulk Chocolate

We are selling bulk chocolate! Untempered, but perfect for baking and cooking. There are four kinds, Americano (chocolate, sugar, and coffee ground together), Coffee & Cream (chocolate, coffee, sugar, and milk powder ground together), Mocha (chocolate, coffee, sugar, and milk powder ground together) and Matcha (cocoa butter, milk powder, matcha, and sugar). $10 per 10 lb block, available for pick up in the cafe. Message us to order!

Kari Firak
Housemade Syrups

Did you know we make all our syrups in house? These are just a handful of what we have- Caramel, Chocolate, Smoked Vanilla (used for s'mores latte), White Chocolate and Raspberry. These babies take our drinks up a notch. Maybe 10 notches!

Kari Firak
Summer Truffles

We have our tried and true truffles, but there are a handful of flavors that we switch out based on the season. This is The Green Fairy, a mix of absinthe and fresh basil topped with basil sugar, one of our summer truffles.

Green Fairy.jpg

Also available for the summer, Marigold Sky (peach puree, fresh orange and dried marigold petals) and Strawberry Margarita (strawberry puree, reposado tequila, lime and dried strawberry). Come and get them while the dog days are still here!

Kari Firak
Original Sin Rosé Cider

Our confections and food aren't the only things gluten-free around here. We offer Original Sin Rosé Cider, crafted from apples grown in upstate New York. This dry rosé has a beautiful light pink color with a delicate nose, refreshing acidity and a smooth semi-dry finish. It also pairs pretty amazingly with our Haiku Truffle!

Kari Firak
Enchanted Ethereal

The Wizarding World of Woodstock is coming up and we are transforming the place with enchanted candies, confections and concoctions! We will have Exploding Bonbons (chocolate truffles rolled in Pop Rocks), Snitch Truffles (Salted Karma Truffle rolled in cocoa powder), Bertie Bott's Beans, Jelly Slugs, Chocolate Frogs and...


Butterbeer! We will be selling non-alcoholic Butterbeer outside the shop under a tent. It's a magical potion! The recipe can only be found in a rare book from the restricted section of the library!

We will also serve a boozy version in the cafe that has a shot of beer barrel bourbon. (Bourbon that is aged in barrels that New Holland Brewing's Dragon's Milk Stout has been aged in)