Fall Chocolates

It’s hard to be sad about summer ending when we have so many fun fall treats to enjoy! Autumn Solids, Spooky Solids and Day of the Dead solid chocolates are available now, as well as our Filled Flower Mums and Marshmallow Crunch Bark.

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Ethereal Merch

We put our logo on it! Check out all of our Ethereal merch- stainless steel thermal water bottles, travel mugs and one of a kind cocoa bags. We'll be adding more soon!

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Fall Truffles

Apple Pie, Smoked Nutella, Bourbon Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Spice Latte and Peanut Butter Jelly Time. Summer who? We already forgot about you. Our fall seasonal truffles are taking over! Try one today. Better yet, try a box of 4, 8 or 12. Come on, it's the right thing to do.

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Simple + Ethereal

Simple Bakery & Market in Lake Geneva makes some of the most mouth-watering pastries and breads. They also offer a collection of artisan goodies that now includes Ethereal chocolate! One more reason to visit…

New Space News

It took a little longer than expected to iron out the final design details at the new space, but everything is a go now and construction should start in the near future!

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Right now we are projecting an open date of January and will be in our current location on Benton Street, open and operating through the holidays until the move.

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Bulk Chocolate

We are selling bulk chocolate! Untempered, but perfect for baking and cooking. These are leftover from a co-packing company we worked with that went out of business, it is not our chocolate, we worked to temper and pack it for them. There are four kinds, see below.


Americano (Espresso Beans*, Cocoa Butter*, Cane Sugar*), Coffee & Cream (Coffee Beans*, Cocoa Butter*, Cane Sugar*, Whole Milk Powder*), Mocha (Espresso Beans*, Cocoa Butter*, Cane Sugar*, 70% Chocolate*, Whole Milk Powder*) and Matcha (Cocoa Butter*, Cane Sugar*, Whole Milk Powder*, Matcha Green Tea*). $10 per 10 lb block, available for pick up in the cafe. Message us to order! 


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Housemade Syrups

Did you know we make all our syrups in house? These are just a handful of what we have- Caramel, Chocolate, Smoked Vanilla (used for s'mores latte), White Chocolate and Raspberry. These babies take our drinks up a notch. Maybe 10 notches!

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Summer Truffles

We have our tried and true truffles, but there are a handful of flavors that we switch out based on the season. This is The Green Fairy, a mix of absinthe and fresh basil topped with basil sugar, one of our summer truffles.

Green Fairy.jpg

Also available for the summer, Marigold Sky (peach puree, fresh orange and dried marigold petals) and Strawberry Margarita (strawberry puree, reposado tequila, lime and dried strawberry). Come and get them while the dog days are still here!

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