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Made From Scratch

Come enjoy our cafe where we feature our specialty chocolates, teas, coffees, desserts, small plates, craft cocktails and whatever else strikes our fancy that day!

All of our goods and drinks are made from scratch. That includes—syrups, breads, pastries, bitters, you name it! All gluten free too.

Sit and study, meet a friend, have a business meeting, read a good book or just enjoy the bustle and commotion as we produce world class chocolates a few feet away (smells are free!)

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Teas & Coffee

We source really great herbal and caffeinated teas. Our coffee beans come from Conscious Cup. We blend and brew everything into something new and exceptional. Enjoy our lattes, hot chocolates, pour overs, nitro brews and even more things to discover when you stop by.


Small Plates & Desserts

What coffee wouldn't be complete with out something sweet to go with it? If you are over for lunch, have a panini and some soup, all house made, including our bread! Have a cheese plate in the afternoon and stop by after a concert for a delicious dessert. 


Craft Cocktails

Our seasonal cocktails are all creatively made and perfectly compliment our confections. You won't be able to find these anywhere else! There's Always Money in the Banana Stand. Tyler's Bad Habit. Felice's Elixer. Come see what's new!